Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Leslie's service yesterday was beautiful. Rusty Tugman, the preacher at Alameda, performed the service and did a wonderful job. He was able to capture who Leslie was in the words he said. She was a beautiful, JOYful person who loved the Lord. She loved with all of her heart. Leslie would tell Mark that she loved him and he would reply with "I know." She would then say, "good". She loved knowing that he just knew. Leslie loved him so deeply. We all should love in that way.Leslie loved, but she also was loved by so many. If only we all are blessed enough to be loved as much as Leslie was.

This blog has now had 327,000 page views. The Loving Leslie Facebook page has 2,458 fans. Her story has spanned the globe. She has touched thousands of people, without even meeting them. She IS loved.

Here is the video that Pam, a friend of the family, put together for the service yesterday. You can see her beauty- inside and out.


  1. My heart just breaks for this family. For these kids and this husband who have already lost one mother and wife and now have to endure losing another.

    As one who has followed this story from the beginning I am just wondering if you could tell us a little more of what happened and how the family is doing right now. Obviously they are devastated and I pray that they will be blessed with joy equal to their sorrow one day...

  2. I am praying for all of you. Thank you for sharing Leslie, Mac and Marisa's story. I pray the Lord is near to those who mourn. We praise the Lord they are rejoicing in Heaven and waiting to greet us all one day where there is no pain or mourning. However, I know well the mourning and anxiety that comes on this earth as we wait. I pray He touches you with His tender touch and a peace that passes all earthy understanding as you walk this journey and we wait for that day.
    Love and Continued Prayers from Ohio,

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video. I see how wonderful leslie was. I dont know her or her family but feel such sadness for them,I wish I could reach out and give them all a big big hug. I hope they feel some comfort that we are all sending their way. Thinking of you all and praying form Canada.

  4. praying for you. words at such times as these are difficult to find but i offer my deepest sympathy to your entire family. i can't even begin to imagine what you are going through, but your faith in God and your love for Him will see you through this devastating time. God bless you all

  5. I know that her story touched my heart. I even did a small post yesterday on my For Your Tears blog to make sure that people would keep her family in their prayers yesterday.

  6. Thats was a beautiful video. I can tell Leslie was truely loved and will be greatly missed. I will continue to keep the family in my prayers that each coming day there saddness and grief will lessen.

  7. My heart breaks for you all!!! Praying during this difficult time!

  8. Thank you for sharing with all of us that "know" Leslie via your sites and videos. Bless the family and children.

  9. I did not have the privilege of knowing Leslie, but her faith has touched me through all that has been said about her on this blog. Thank you for sharing her. I pray that her family will feel God's presence in a very special way and will, by His grace, be able to look back on all of the wonderful memories with laughter and be comforted. I pray especially for her husband and children, who have been through so much already, and who only had her in their lives for a short time. I know that God will shape their lives by the time they were blessed to be in her presence.

  10. Amazing tribute to a beautiful person.
    I only wish I had known lovely Leslie.

    God's peace comes like dawn
    When tears have made us blind.
    When grief has made us weep
    God's Love like a sunset shines.

  11. Mark and children,
    May the Jesus that carried you through your yesterday of your first grieving journey be your 'Today' as He will carry you through and whatever our forever's hold. He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever! He will be Faithful to you!

    Praying for you all!

  12. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers! I am attending a Walk to Remember on Saturday and was wondering if I could put Leslie and the twins on my shirt that I am making in memory of babies for the walk..if you could give me your permission that would be great and if you don't want me to please also tell me that..Thank you! Your in my prayers!

  13. I was looking at the Shawnee News Star this morning and glanced through the obituaries when I came across Leslie's picture. Without even reading anything about her I felt immediately heart broken.

    I did a google search with her name because, I was curious to know what happened when i stumbled upon this, the story as I read every post on here, just seems like such a beautiful tragedy. Not that its good that she passed but I saw so much beauty in everything I read. So much love.

    Thank you guys for sharing Leslie and her story with the world. Its given me a new sense of hope. And all the Love for the Lord that was shown and spread through this is so amazing. God is so good even in the midst of tragedy.

    So sorry for everyones loss. I pray that each day will bring you even closer to the Lord and closer to Peace.

    With <3, Elizabeth

  14. I just read Leslie's blog and my heart breaks for the families! My prayers will be with her husband and the children and the whole family!-I can only imagine the pain they are going thru yet again! What a wonderful person she must have been if only there were more Leslie's in the world! May your days be filled with all the happy memories you all were able to share! Prayers are with you all!
    Okinawa Japan

  15. I don't know the family, but have been praying diligently since I heard of Leslie's death. I can't imagine the heartbreak of Mark and the children and the rest of the family. May God's blessings in the future far surpass this terrible pain and tragedy. My prayers will continue!

  16. Oh my, I am deeply sorry. What a journey you've all been through. In July my 18-mo old little girl fell into a canal while my husband and I were on a date. We understand what happens when the brain undergoes lack of oxygen, the waiting game is horrible, I am so sorry. Our little girl Preslee passed away one week after the accident. I can't imagine losing children and your spouse, twice. My heart goes out to you.

    Your blog has traveled so quickly, ours also did the same. Isn't it amazing to see the impact one person can have in the world? Isn't it amazing to see how many caring people there are in this world? Please know you're in our prayers, we understand that is one of the greatest ways we can help. Prayers are still carrying us. Hang in there, if there is anyway we can help we would love to.

    The Sullengers

  17. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You